Journey to the heart


Colors of Colombia

When you imagine Colombia, you think of amazing colours, delicious coffee, vibrant landscapes that reunite mountain’s heights with ocean’s depths, cosmopolitan cities and, of course, rich history of a nation protected by its Gods.

Colombia has such a colorful personality that we will keep discovering along the way, while exploring the epic Andes, coffee plantations, loud modern cities surrounded by skyscrapers, museums where history is so pregnant it will give us a glimpse on the past of this rich country. Open up your senses to feel and explore the ancient, walled cities and the lost civilizations, interact with the exotic wildlife in the luxuriant Amazon rainforest and then enjoy learning about their traditions while indulging in the luxuriant taste of the local food.

We will let ourselves get lost a little bit in the bustling cities of Cartagena and we will enjoy the sun-kissed beaches of the Caribbean coast.

Join us! Colombia has something to offer to everyone

Discover the perfect combination between colours and flavours of Colombia within yourself. Create memories for a lifetime!



  • All local flights
  • Accommodation
  • Transfers between airports and hotels and all local transportation
  • Tour guides
  • City tour by bus in Cartagena
  • All breakfasts included
  • 2 lunches & 1 dinner included during our stay in the Indigenous village
  • Tour boat of Guatape Area and Escobar Mansion
  • Rock of Guatape entry fee

Not included

  • Flight tickets to/from Colombia
  • Personal expenses
  • Visas
  • Tips for guides and drivers


  • Helicopter ride in Eco-Park Guatape
  • Hike in Eco-Park Guatape
  • Kayaking and snorkling in Cartagena
  • Mud volcano in Cartagena
  • Full day exploring Tayrona nature reservation in Palomino
  • Horse riding, snorkling in Tayrona


Day 1 - Arrival in Bogota

Following your enthusiasm, you will arrive in Bogota (ideally around 7:30 pm) and will get ready to be mesmerized by the scenic historical area of Bogota that welcomes you fully.

Day 2 - Exploring the vibrant center of Bogota

You will spend your first night in Colombia in “La Candelaria” district of Bogota nearby traditional cafes, animated bars and lots of street art.

Enjoy the afternoon flight across Colombia and let your dreams guide you to Guatape. Enjoy the city centre, a delicious meal and then have some rest – keep some enthusiasm for the upcoming adventurous days.

Day 3 - Hike the big and famous rock - Peñol de Piedra

Are you ready? Day 3 comes with lots of challenges: let yourself be amazed by the spectacular Peñol de Piedra, take a tour to the famous Escobar Mansion, or for the cheeky ones, embark on a helicopter ride or hike in Eco-park.

Day 4 - Old Peñol and the wavy shores of Cartagena

New day, new horizons. After a relaxed visit to Old Peñol and a quick lunch, you will discover another part of Colombia: the never-ending shores of the Caribbean Sea in beautiful Cartagena. You will spend the night in Carta and feel the ocean breeze on your skin.

Day 5 - Vibrant Cartagena city vs. natural landscapes

Take a deep breath and feel the life of Cartagena, enjoy a sip of coffee, go shopping for souvenirs. Optionally, you can relax your mind and spirit laying on the beach, kayaking, snorkling, or visiting the mud volcano of the area.

Day 6 - Find our way to the beautiful Santa Marta

Say goodbye to Cartagena for now and hello to the sunny Santa Marta while enjoying a 5 hours ride along the Caribbean coast.

Day 7 - Hiking experience to an indigenous village

Save all the good energy of the ocean in your heart and let’s put those hiking boots on! Day 7 is the day when we leave Tayrona behind and we hike our way up to visit an indigenous village – full of magic and traditions. And we will spend the night there surrounded by their welcoming hearts and well preserved traditions.

Day 8 - Settle your mind & soul on the Colombian beaches

As the sun rises, we will hike our way back to Tayrona and settle for 4 amazing days of sun, beaches, nature, and for those who want to connect with the energy of the area, with some yoga classes.

Day 9 - Sun, beach, yoga retreat - 1st day

The 1st day at the beach in the sun leaves us relaxed while enjoying some quiet time with ourselves. And of course, some yoga classes for the mind and spirit.

Day 10 - Sun, beach, yoga retreat - 2nd day

The 2nd day at the beach marks the second day of our yoga retreat. You should feel more relaxed and disconnected by now from the everyday worries.

Day 11 - Sun, beach, yoga retreat - 3rd day

Inhale relaxation, exhale stress. The 3rd day under the sun. Grab your yoga mat, a bottle of water and let’s enjoy some quality time together.

Day 12 - Hello again Tayrona National Park

The final day at the beach during our short yoga retreat will find us all in a perfect balance with ourselves. Keep the energy of the ocean and the quietness of the past few days inside your soul. Now it is time we return to Tayrona, where we will spend an amazing day and night inside the Tayrona National Park, UNESCO heritage.

Day 13 - Exploring the natural beauty of Tayrona

Get lost in nature, breathe and explore the nature reserve, the sunny and vibrant beaches, feel the ocean, and admire its underwater beauty with some snorkling sessions. Or remain grounded with a horse riding session followed by a flavourful coffee.

Day 14 - Exploring the natural beauty of Tayrona

Last but not least day in the amazing and colourful Colombia. A part of the group will spend the last night in Colombia, in the vibrant Bogota. Last-minute souvenir shopping and saying goodbye to this wonderful experience are a must! Memoirs of a lifetime!


Colombia (15 days)

1,875 EUR
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