24 August - 7 September 2023

Peru & Bolivia

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The Land of Fire and Ice


Raw, beautiful, and untouched, few places on Earth feel quite as unique as Iceland. With the midnight sun in the summer and the Northern Lights in the winter, this Nordic island country works as a year-round destination for the traveler who seeks great adventure and deep relaxation all in one trip.

26 July 2023
11 days
26 July 2023, 11 days
Journey to the Heart

India - Kerala

Serene beaches, emerald backwaters, lush green beautiful hill stations, waterfalls, exotic wildlife and Ayurvedic health holidays, are just some of the reasons Kerala is often known as ‘God’s own country’ in India

Journey to the Heart

Vietnam & Cambodia

Witness the convergence of ancient cultures, tantalizing cuisine, and gorgeous wilderness, creating a true gem of travel. Southeast Asia brings together majestic landscapes and meaningful spiritual identities making this region so intriguing. Encounter these remarkable aspects and more on a BODHI tour of Vietnam and Cambodia.

2 November 2023
14 days
2 November 2023, 14 days
Adventure of a lifetime


Patagonia is the place that bucket lists were made for. Often referred to as the ‘end of the world’, the unlimited, unspoiled landscape is spectacular. Bright blue waters, green forests, icy mountain peaks, stunning rock formations and a mass of different wildlife are regular sights in the region.

29 November 2023
15 or 18 days
29 November 2023, 15 or 18 days
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We firmly believe that a vacation should transcend the material aspects of a hotel room, a flight, and a rental car, offering an experience that is greater than the sum of its parts. We also embrace the notion that facing challenges can lead to spiritual growth, and that a journey has the power to touch the depths of one's soul. We craft soul-nourishing adventures that enrich not only the traveler and the host, but also contribute to the greater harmony and well-being of the world.

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Adventure of a life time

My trip to Patagonia with Rezan was life-changing. Their expertise and passion for the region, along with comfortable accommodations and delicious food, made for an unforgettable experience. I left with new friendships and a deep appreciation for the beauty of the area. Highly recommend traveling with Rezan.

Amazing experiences

1, 2, 3 AMAZING experiences I've had so far with Bodhi Retreats. I recommend these trips ONLY if you want: to make new friends, to live differently for a few days, to indulge your taste buds, to jump for joy, to shock your eyes with incredible landscapes...to enjoy BEING. Rezan will make all of these things possible. Believe me!

I highly recommend sharing such an experience with Rezan

My most recent travel experience took me to the heart of Peru. In both a literal, physical way and a more metaphorical, spiritual one. Throughout it all, Rezan has been a caring guide, leading us into the deep jungles of the Amazon or among the Inca ruins. Thanks to Rezan’s amazing skills of building an entire experience and not just a plain itinerary, his retreats will nurture a traveler’s heart and mind, encouraging him to test his limits and expand his view of the world.

Great experience

The Journey to the heart of Peru organised by Rezan and Bodhi Retreats last month was a great experience and I warmly recommend it. Rezan has positive attitude and he is always smiling.

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