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The Land of Fire and Ice


Raw, beautiful, and untouched, few places on Earth feel quite as unique as Iceland. With the midnight sun in the summer and the Northern Lights in the winter, this Nordic island country works as a year-round destination for the traveler who seeks great adventure and deep relaxation all in one trip.

21 July 2024
11 days
21 July 2024, 11 days
15 0ctober - 26 October

South Korea

Experience One of Asia's Most Dynamic Destinations


22 February - 5 May 2024

India - Spiritual Journey

Uncover the ancient spirituality of India on our 14-day Journey to the Heart - India trip. Immerse yourself in the sacredness of the country's most revered sites, delving into its beautiful belief systems and discovering profound insights about yourself.


16 October 2024
14 days
16 October 2024, 14 days
Adventure of a lifetime


Patagonia is the place that bucket lists were made for. Often referred to as the ‘end of the world’, the unlimited, unspoiled landscape is spectacular. Bright blue waters, green forests, icy mountain peaks, stunning rock formations and a mass of different wildlife are regular sights in the region.

29 November 2024
15 or 18 days
29 November 2024, 15 or 18 days

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