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BODHI organises authentic journeys around the world in a responsible manner. We are committed to sustainable tourism, forming partnership with local people to improve the livelihoods of local communities. Striving to protect fragile habitats and preserve cultures and traditions is one of our main core values.

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Cultural Journeys

Don’t be a tourist! Get local!

We as a community are dedicated to connect you to real experiences and unforgettable moments,  with locals and the local life as it is, trying to preserve traditions and cultures. We invite you experience the true local atmosphere and culture and to do things that don’t appear in any travel guide. Traveling in small groups, exploring and finding the hidden gems that only few people see, creating a bound with real and lasting connections.

The experience is not just beautiful, interesting, it is real.

Adventurous Journeys

Is diversity of adventure what you are seeking? Offering world wide adventure tours, BODHI Retreats, can satisfy your most imaginative spirit. From the vast African plains to the snow-capped Himalayas, we travel in small groups, striving to protect fragile habitats and preserve cultures and traditions.

Spiritual Journeys

Since the beginning of time people have been daunted by the vastness of eternity. Ancient civilizations explored new lands in search of deeper meaning of their purpose on Earth and of the truth of their existence. Such journeys of the spirit remain dynamic in the world today. Modern day man continues pilgrimage to sacred sites in search of conscious awakening , truth, healing or enlightenment to wake the spirit within.

Pilgrimage to sacred sites takes one “ from the outside to the inside “.

As our world becomes smaller , we all become more responsible for the well-being of each one of us who inhabits the Earth and as well the Earth, itself.

Unfortunately, for most of us, life has become busy, stressful, complicated, chaotic and the demands for our time are grater and grater. With this the natural peace and happiness of life become illusive . We disconnect ourselves consciously and spiritually from the divine creative source, the life source energy that sustains all living beings. There is no grater loss than your connection to the source. Our need to balance the soul, mind, body and to feed the heart and soul is greater than ever before .

We consider ourselves to be an open and environmentally conscious traveling community. In a way we are modern day pilgrims. Our adventures and itineraries are designed to spark the heart and the soul and be life transformative .

If you are fascinated with other cultures and interacting with the local people, if you have a curiosity about mythology, earth mysteries and sacred sites , if you have a sense of adventure and want to travel with like-minded people or you just want to give something back, BODHI Retreats welcomes you for what is more than a meaningful and rewarding travel experience.

Having the ability to see the reality from another point of view, from another level of consciousness will encourage you to make life choices so that you can gain clarity, free yourself from the mental limitations that prevent the expression of your true potential and purpose and come home rested with gratitude for life and a new perspective.

In the end the most important adventure of all is the path of self-realization and the discovery


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