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Just some notes

First of all, Bodhiretreats.org is a platform developed by S.C. Holistic Journey S.R.L. with the sole intention to display information about the company`s latest trips.

Privacy policy

Like most of the websites, we store the information you send us when you fill in a form. We will use the information in the following scenarios:

  1. contact you - in the case that you filled in a form regarding a trip;
  2. send you news regarding our activity (newsletter mostly);

If you do not wish to have your information stored in our database, feel free to contact us using e-mail, phone or on social networks. Please note that we will never sell your information to other companies and that you can ask us to delete them whenever you want by sending us an e-mail to contact@bodhiretreats.org.

Cookies policy

We use cookies. Not many but we use them.

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