22 February - 5 May 2024

India - Spiritual Journey

Embark on an Enriching Spiritual Journey

At BODHI Retreats , we ensure a truly enriching experience with hand-picked accommodations, intimate group sizes, and authentic local encounters.

Experience the wonders of India's spirituality as you explore ancient temples, practice meditation on the banks of the sacred Ganges, immerse yourself in satsang with enlightened gurus, delve into the teachings of Buddhism with a buddhist monks, and embrace various levels of yoga practice. Join fellow seekers in uplifting mantra chanting and kirtan sessions within a nurturing and safe environment. Explore the gentle spirituality that India embodies together with Bodhi Retreats and Ananda School

Our 14-day Spiritual India tour package serves as the perfect introduction to this vibrant country, catering to first-timers, spiritual seekers, and those desiring a more intimate and personal experience.

Open your heart and soul to the transformative power of India's spirituality. Join us on this profound journey of self-discovery.

Om Shanti.




  • Accommodation: Carefully selected boutique accommodations throughout the tour, including 5 start hotels, and ashrams (based on twin share).
  • 24-hour Guide: A knowledgeable guide will accompany you throughout the entire Spiritual India Tour, providing assistance and guidance.
  • Transportation: All transport arrangements, including private transfers, domestic flights, private motorcars, and rickshaws.
  • Meals: Welcome Lunch and Farwell dinner and all meals during our Ashram stay.  All breakfasts are also included in the hotels. All the other meals are not included in the package
  • Activities: All activities mentioned in the itinerary, including:
  • Entrance to Taj Mahal
  • Guided tour in Agra
  • Guided walking tour in Varanasi
  • Ganga Aarti ceremonies
  • Boat trip on the Ganges at sunrise
  • Entrance to Beatles Ashram
  • Trip to Kunjapuri with a guide
  • Trip to Vashshista's cave
  • Yoga classes at the ashram
  • Satsangs at the ashram
  • Kirtan and mantra chanting at the ashram
  • Teachings from Monks and Swamis in Rishikesh and Bodhgaya
  • Full Support: Complete support from your travel planner before, during, and after your trip, ensuring a seamless experience.
  • Please Note:
  • The package does not include transportation from airport to hotel in Rishikesh if you do not arrive at the same time / day / hours as the big group but we can arrange a private taxi with a reasonable negotiated cost for you. Also, the package does not include transportation to your next destination at the end of the trip if you are not travelling on the same flight / day / similar hours with the big group. However, we are happy to assist you in making arrangements.


Not included


  • International flights
  • Visas.
  • Optional excursions as mentioned
  • Single room option - it can be arranged
  • Upgrades of the rooms
  • PCR testing (if applicable)
  • Travel insurance is not included
  • Any vaccinations are at the client’s discretion
  • Private transfers or extra nights before or after tour begins



  • Private session with an Astrologer
  • Visit the Various ashrams, meditation and Yoga centres not mentioned in the program
  • Personalized Massage sessions
  • Ayurvedic cooking class


Day 1 - Delhi to Rishikesh

Upon arrival in Delhi, we will take our internal flight to Rishikesh/ Dehradun. First discovery of Indian Food in a beautiful restaurant on the way to hotel as a Welcome Gifted Lunch & Full rest. 

Day 2 - Rishikesh

Sightseeing Laxman Jhula & Ram Jhula + Sivananda Ashram & Beatles Ashram After breakfast and a rejuvenating short yoga session in the hotel with our organisers, we will explore Rishikesh on foot. Visit Laxman Jhula and Ram Jhula, iconic landmarks that offer breathtaking views of the Ganges. Experience the spiritual ambiance, explore the ashrams and temples along the edge of the Ganga, and embrace the serene atmosphere of this sacred place. Have a stop for the Sivananda Ashram in Rishikesh and begin to feel the profound beauty and teachings of India. And also Beatles Ashram.

Afternoon, we will cross the Ram Jhula bridge and visit the renowned "Beatles ashram." In 1968, the legendary English rock band, the Beatles, attended an advanced Transcendental Meditation Yoga course at Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's ashram. Known locally as Chaurasi Kutia, this site now showcases Beatles graffiti and art. Nestled within the Rajaji National Park, with the River Ganges flowing peacefully behind it, the ashram provides a unique blend of music and spirituality. A Dinner can be planned around Ganges river.


Day 3 - Rishikesh

On this day, we will rise early and embark on a private transport journey to Kunjapuri Temple, located 25 km north of Rishikesh. This majestic temple stands at an elevation of 1645 meters, dedicated to Goddess Shakti and Lord Shiva. Witness the breathtaking sunrise over the snow-capped Himalayan Mountains and immerse yourself in the sacred atmosphere. Enjoy a short yoga class with this view together with your organizers. We will then trek down to Rishikesh through lush forests, stopping along the way for freshly brewed tea. You can also take a refreshing dip in the natural ponds and waterfalls we encounter during the trek.

In the warm afternoon, you will have the opportunity to bathe in the holy Ganges. The Ganges River holds immense significance in Hinduism and is personified as the goddess Ganga. Hindus believe that bathing in the river purifies the soul and leads to spiritual liberation. In this part of India, the river is clean and safe for immersion, allowing you to experience this sacred ritual.

In the evening, we will walk to Ram Jhula to participate in the mesmerizing Ganga Aarti. Held at Parmarth Niketan, this sunset ceremony attracts visitors from all walks of life, transcending language and culture. Experience the divine energy as the aarti connects with your heart and transports you to a heavenly realm. Ganga Aarti is a mesmerizing ceremony dedicated to the holy river.


Day 4 - Rishikesh - free day

There will be plenty of time in Rishikesh for leisure activities. You can do whatever you feel like doing; of course we are always there to offer advice in helping you decide activities and in where to get something for the “best price”

Day 5 - Ashram retreat

Embark on a visit to Vashistha Cave, an ancient site where Sage Vashishtha meditated for an extended period. Immerse yourself in the peaceful surroundings and feel a profound sense of calm.

In the afternoon, we will reach together to a renowned ashram for a two night stay and 3 days yoga program. Nestled in the serene mountains, this ashram offers a sanctuary for wellness experiences, including yoga, meditation, and vedic rituals. Immerse yourself in the tranquility, settle in.


Day 6 - Ashram retreat

Satsang & Kirtan & Yoga - Attend a satsang with a teacher who shares his living experience of Oneness and guides spiritual seekers towards their highest potential. Experience the transformative power of kirtan, a form of devotional music that promotes a deep connection with oneself and others.


Day 7 - Rishikesh to Varanasi

Afternoon, we leave for our flight to Varanasi. After checking in at our accommodation, we will embark on an informal stroll along the infamous ghats. Varanasi offers a profound experience with its ghats, temples, and vibrant culture. Witness the rituals, ablutions, and ceremonies along the banks of the sacred Ganges River. In the evening, we will visit Assi Ghats and partake in the enchanting Ganga aarti prayer ceremony, floating our own lamps down the river.



Day 8 - Varanasi

Varanasi Tour & Sail along Ganges Embarking on a private tour of Varanasi, we will immerse ourselves in the sacred traditions of the city. Attend the morning Ganga aarti ceremony at Assi Ghat, sail along the holy waters of the Ganges, at sunrise, visit the revered Vishwanath temple, and learn about the various ghats. Conclude the day with a cup of chai or the famous lassi of Varanasi.

Day 9 - Varanasi to Bodhgaya

By ground transport, after breakfast in Varanasi we will head for our next stop in Bodhgaya. If we feel to and enough time, we can visit the main temple also at evening time, to connect to inner peace in this special environment.

Dinner and rest in Bodhgaya.

Day 10 - Bodhgaya

Sunrise meditation with the monks & free day for shopping, relaxing. Afternoon meet a monk for a talk on Buddhism before coming again to the Temple for a last visit. Sleep a second night in Bodhgaya.


Day 11 - Bodhgaya - Delhi - Agra

After Breakfast and a last free morning in Bodhgaya, we embark on our flight to Delhi. Then we will go by car to Agra where we will spend the night. We will enjoy probably together a nice dinner at the hotel. Late evening we gather at the hotel for introductions and a tour briefing for next day.


Day 12 - Agra & Taj Mahal

Agra & the Taj Mahal - An early start as we depart for the mesmerising Taj Mahal to catch the sunrise view. Witness the magical beauty of this iconic monument during a sunrise tour. Marvel at the intricate architecture and the symbol of undying love that it represents.

After the visit, we will return to Delhi.

A chaotic city of more than 18 million inhabitants, is a must know in Asia. We will quickly emerge into the city with one of the most beautiful temples you can see: Swami Narayan Akshardham / Mandir where we will stay until the watershed. It is considered the world’s largest comprehensive Hindu Temple by the Guiness World Record. It is known for its aesthetic beauty, unique exhibitions, sprawling campus and tranquility.

Rest overnight before flying back home.


Day 13 - Delhi - back home

Today marks the end of our spiritual India tour, but it is not the end of our spiritual journey. After breakfast, you are free to depart at your leisure to your next destination or the airport in Delhi.


Prices for India - Spiritual Journey

India - Spiritual Journey

price per person in a shared double room 

2,375 EUR

Important We require a 30% deposit to confirm a booking, with full payment due 14 days prior to trip departure.

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